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1) These general conditions have as their object the rules applicable to the products sold and to the services rendered by the company CD STAR SRL with registered office in Castenaso (BO), via Toscanini n ° 9, C.F. and P.I. 03664301201.
CD STAR SRL hereinafter referred to as "Cd Star", is the owner of the website on which it promotes and sells its products and services as well as third-party products.
2) By placing an order according to the various methods provided by "Cd Star", the Customer declares to have read all the information provided during the purchase procedure and to fully accept these general conditions of sale.
These general conditions of sale constitute the purchase agreement concluded between the Customer and "Cd Star", therefore "Cd Star" invites you to read them carefully, to print them or, in any case, to keep a copy.
3) These general conditions of sale will remain valid and effective until they are modified and / or integrated by "Cd Star", any changes and / or additions will be effective from the date of publication of the same on the website
4) The Customer can purchase the products visible at, illustrated on the "Cd Star" homepage, within the respective sections, by product category and sub-category.
When the purchase is made, the Customer will choose the preferred method of delivery and payment for the product among those offered by "Cd Star".
The acceptance of the order by "Cd Star" is confirmed by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address communicated by the Customer when registering with "Cd Star".
"Cd Star" reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to accept the order.
The Customer undertakes to verify the correctness of the data in the order confirmation email and to promptly report any errors or omissions to "Cd Star".
The order confirmation email contains the following data:
- Order number and date
- Product / s, services, quantity, price
- Type of payment chosen
- Cost of Transportation
- Total order amount
The sales prices of the products and services published on "Cd Star" do not include VAT.
5) The CD, DVD, LP or other support will be made in accordance with the quality of the recording of the audio, video, data contained in the master sent to "Cd Star", the quality of the graphic files and any material provided by the customer.
"Cd Star" cannot be held responsible for defects detected in the production due to errors in the master containing the recordings, videos, software or other and graphic systems supplied by the customer.
The input materials such as masters, typographical parts, files for printing or other unspecified, must comply with the requirements of "Cd Star", which cannot be held responsible for delays in processing caused by discrepancies in the materials supplied by the customer.
The customer is aware that the colors of printing on different substrates may differ from each other due to the different properties of the materials (for example between hardcover packaging, booklet paper and screen printing on plastic), post-printing processes that may slightly alter the colors such as plasticizing and UV varnishing, the need to use different inks to be able to print on different materials, the different properties of materials such as consistency, color absorption, light reflection, etc. "Cd Star" is committed to ensuring that these differences are as limited as possible.
In the absence of certified color proofs (cromalin) to be supplied or requested by the customer necessarily before printing, complaints for non-matching colors cannot be accepted. If the customer does not expressly request a color test (cromalin) "Cd Star", he will still proceed with the production, in accordance with the print files provided by the customer and / or created on his behalf.
6) Any system necessary for processing that has been produced by "Cd Star" or on its behalf by third party companies, will not be delivered to the customer in any way, but will be kept for any reprints for a period of 12 months, after which if the guarantee of technical efficiency come less, they may be destroyed.
7) In the absence of written information from the customer, the ID BAND of all optical media produced will be coded according to the "Cd Star" procedures, with the possible affixing of your logo, name, website and / or other unspecified.
8) The quantity of finished product delivered may in some cases vary from that established in the order confirmation, with a tolerance of +/- 5% for orders up to 10,000 pieces and +/- 3% for quantities greater than 10,000 pieces. The customer acknowledges "Cd Star" the right to invoice and undertakes to pay "Cd Star" the excess parts even if these are not collected.
9) The approximate production times for standard processing relating to CD and DVD media are 10/12 working days, for blu ray 25/30 working days, for vinyl discs 12-20 weeks. These times run from the moment in which all the necessary and compliant materials for the production will be delivered by the customer, in addition to the necessary Siae releases and licenses. For non-standard processes, such as the creation of packaging with specially made special dies, the times may be extended. The request for work with shorter times than the standard must be made by the customer necessarily before starting the work and must be accepted by "Cd Star". The management of urgent works, if accepted by "Cd Star", will cost € 50.00 + VAT in addition to any additional expenses that will be indicated in advance to the customer. The customer is aware that production times do not include shipping, but are intended as a finished product ex works of "Cd Star", which cannot be held responsible for delays in deliveries due to circumstances beyond its control.
10) The customer declares to be the owner of the rights of economic use, in light of the national and international legislation in force on copyright, as well as of all related rights, none excluded, in person, body or company necessary for the conclusion of this contract; with this, wanting to indemnify and guarantee "Cd Star" in relation to any action that may be carried out by third parties against it regarding the legitimacy of fixing, duplication and reproduction on CD, DVD or any other format and material, of the works that the customer will deliver to "Cd Star" and / or in any case other processes regulated by these general conditions of sale. "Cd Star" is not required to verify the audio, video or other content contained in the master supplied by the customer, nor the veracity of the releases and licenses provided by it.
11) The customer undertakes to be aware of all legal limitations and all safety regulations relating to the use of products commissioned to "Cd Star".
12) To compensate for any processing waste, the quantity of SIAE stamps sent by the customer must correspond to the quantity of supports ordered, increased by the production tolerances, i.e. by 5% for orders up to 10,000 pieces and by 3% for quantities greater than 10,000 pieces.
13) The goods travel at the customer's own risk, even if carriage paid. "Cd Star" cannot be held responsible for any damage, theft or other unspecified that occurs after delivery of the goods to the forwarder. The delivery, when organized by "Cd Star", is to be understood on the street level of the place of destination.
Before collecting the goods, the customer is required to verify that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the courier's accompanying document, furthermore should he find signs of break-in, wet or damaged, he must affix the words "subject to verification of the content "in the courier's delivery note. It will also be the customer's responsibility to promptly notify "Cd Star" of this circumstance. In the absence of conditional collection, it will not be possible to accept claims for damaged or missing goods. "Cd Star" can not be held responsible for delays in delivery by the carrier such as for example work peaks, accidents, sorting errors, theft, strikes, traffic restrictions and anything else not specified.
14) The customer is required to check the products both on a functional and qualitative level at its headquarters before each subsequent distribution and to immediately report any defects to "Cd Star". The distribution of products by the customer must be understood as a verification of the non-existence of flaws and defects, with the consequent exemption from liability of "Cd Star". In any case, after ten days from receipt of the goods, no complaints will be accepted.
Any returns must be authorized in writing by "Cd Star", which undertakes to ascertain the nature of the defect at its headquarters and to replace free of charge or reimburse, if it deems appropriate, the copies that are actually defective for attributable reasons. to the same.
The customer waives to assert any other claim for compensation in any way connected to the defective product. In no case a defect on part of the order gives the right to the return of the entire lot, but only of the part affected by the defects.
15) The master sent by the customer can only be returned upon written request and with carriage forward, after the customer has accepted the duplicated medias, and in any case not earlier than 30 days from the date of collection of the goods by the customer. By requesting the return of the master, the customer confirms that the goods delivered to him are free from flaws and defects. If no return is requested, the master will be kept by "Cd Star" for a period of 6 months, after which it can be destroyed.
16) Any orders produced by "Cd Star" but not collected by the Customer within 30 days, will result in the Customer being charged for the storage costs that will be invoiced by "Cd Star" and must be paid by the Customer before being able to collect the goods.
"Cd Star" cannot be held responsible for damage, theft or other unspecified, occurring to the goods not collected by the Customer within the term of 30 days, whether the fact occurs at the headquarters of "Cd Star", at the forwarding agent or at third-party companies connected to them.
17) If the customer intends to withdraw from an already confirmed order, he must notify "Cd Star" in writing, which reserves the right not to accept. The cancellation of the order, even if accepted by "Cd Star", will result in a charge of € 50.00 + VAT for the related administrative services. It is understood that all the activities already carried out at the time of order cancellation will in any case be invoiced and paid by the customer.
18) The sales of products via the Internet are governed by articles 50 to 68 ("distance contracts") of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code). This legislation provides, in favor of the consumer, the opportunity to withdraw from contracts or contractual proposals, guaranteeing him the right to return the purchased product and to obtain reimbursement of the expenses incurred. The right of withdrawal does not apply to audiovisual products and sealed computer software products, opened by the consumer.
The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised if the product is not intact, that is:
- in the absence of the original packaging;
- in the absence of integral elements of the product (accessories, cables, instruction manuals, etc);
- for damage to the product.
The right of withdrawal is reserved exclusively for consumers (natural persons who purchase goods for purposes not related to their professional, commercial or entrepreneurial activity), therefore it cannot be exercised by legal persons and by natural persons acting for purposes related to the activity professionally carried out. The right of withdrawal is in no case applicable to customized products.
The costs of returning the product are the sole responsibility of the Customer.
To exercise the right of withdrawal it is necessary to communicate to "Cd Star", within 7 working days of receipt of the goods, the desire to withdraw from the contract in the following ways:
 - Sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or a telegram to the following address: "Cd Star" - Via Toscanini, 9 - 40055 Castenaso (BO)
 - through the link "returns", accessible from every page of "Cd Star".
Within three working days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal, if the conditions are met, "Cd Star" will send the Customer the Return Authorization Number (NAR) which will identify the practice. Within 14 working days of receipt of the Return Authorization Number (NAR), the Customer will ship the product carefully packaged in the original packaging and complete with all accessories, instruction manuals and everything originally contained to "Cd Star" , indicating on the packaging the Return Authorization Number (NAR) attributed by "Cd Star".
"Cd Star" will refund within 30 days from the date on which it became aware of the Customer's exercise of the right of withdrawal. In the event that the product has already been delivered to the customer, "Cd Star" will refund following the return of the product and the verification of its integrity, by bank transfer.
19) "Cd Star" reserves the right to use samples of the productions made, copies of which have been produced in excess of those ordered, paid for and collected by the customer, for illustrative purposes only at its headquarters, at fairs, exhibitions, or other, as well as to publish photographs / videos on its website, guaranteeing the customer that the physical samples will remain in the exclusive possession of "Cd Star" and that they will not be transferred to third parties in any way.
20) The customer is required to verify that all the data communicated by him and present in the documents issued by "Cd Star" are accurate and undertakes to promptly notify "Cd Star" of any changes thereto.
21) The purchase and sale of products and services by electronic means is governed by Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code) on distance selling with consumers, and by Legislative Decree 9 April 2003 n. 70 in the field of electronic commerce.
The sales contract stipulated between the Customer and "Cd Star" will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Italian law.
22) The Court of Bologna is elected competent for any controversy.

I declare that I have read and understood the general conditions of sale set out in points 1 to 22 and I declare to accept them unconditionally.

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