Each medium, CD, DVD, mini-CD, mini-DVD or blue ray, can be tailored with high quality colour printings directly on the disc’s surface. This can be done through several techniques, according to the quantities to be printed and to the specific needs of each production.


stampa cd trasferimento termicoThe CD label printing with digital offset is a method of digital printing that is performed on specific discs and allows to obtain the maximum quality of images, that will have a very high (photographic) resolution with bright colours faithful to the original, together with a surface with a very high mechanical resistance to scratches, waterproof and that doesn’t fade with time.
The printing with digital offset needs no plant and so it’s extremely expedient up to 300 copies.


stampa cd serigrafia 300The CD label silkscreen printing is a method used for the industrial production and it’s the only technique allowing to print Pantone colours, essentially when logos have to be printed with the absolute certainty of faithfully reproducing the wished colours.
The silkscreen printing, besides, is advisable when large zones have to be printed with a single colour. It’s not particularly indicated when images and/or nuances have to be reproduced.
The silkscreen printing needs particular plants that make it expedient for at least 300 copies.


stampa cd offset 300

The CD label offset printing is the industrial production method that allows to reproduce images with an excellent printing resolution. The printing is performed with 5 colours (four-colour process + white).
As for silkscreen printing, also the offset one needs plants making it expedient for at least 300 copies.


 In the end there is an ink-jet label printing method, that offers with relatively little costs the possibility to reproduce images with a good resolution on the medium’s surface. However it’s important to mention that the inks for ink-jet printing are water-based and so subject to deterioration with time, more than being very delicate (they get easily scratched) and sensitive to damp and sweaty fingers (the colour smears by touch).
In order to try to oppose these problems many companies propose some printing’s protections, called “lacquer”, that should protect the CD, with the only result of making its surface irregular and like “orange-peel”.

CD STAR wants to offer to its customers only high quality and professional products, so it doesn’t use methods “do-it-yourself” like the ink-jet printing and “lacquer”!


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