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Specifications for master Blu ray

The quality of our duplications is guaranteed by electronic control systems, which are carried out on every single copy produced by us, verifying the perfect correspondence between copy and master.
Before proceeding with the duplication, the master is subjected to conformity tests by electronic analysis of a long series of parameters and if these are not optimal, the master is discarded.
While in the past the master had to be necessarily sent on a physical medium, today the new technologies and fast internet connections allow the masters to be sent on-line in specific disk image formats, without prejudice to the possibility of supply on a disk medium.

We can accept masters sent online only if they are made in the following format:
- BDCMF image: for the production of blu ray in 25 Gb and 50 Gb formats

If you do not have a fast connection, you can load the disk image in BDCMF format on a USB or FireWire hard disk and send it to our factory.

For any doubt you can contact our technical service by writing an email to: or by calling the telephone numbers that you will find on the "contacts" page.

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