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Home page Cd Star
Home page Cd Star
Production of CDs, DVDs, vinyl records
Vinyl disc
7 "and 12" vinyls, black, colored, transparent & picture disc
Graphic service
Layout and graphic design services
Basic layout PRO graphics
cd & dvd medical discs
CDs and DVDs certified for medical use
custom blank cd
Blank CDs and DVDs with company logo
Cd Star headquarters

Company profile

Company with twenty years of experience in the duplication of optical magnetic media such as cd, dvd and blu ray. Since 2015 it has also resumed the production of vinyl records, media with great charm, which have returned to the fore in recent years and are in great demand by the market, with numbers in constant growth.

99.8% satisfied customers, with over 3,000 active customers.

Quality always comes first! This has generated a great deal of word of mouth among the professionals in the first years of activity, quickly making Cd Star leader in the sector. To date, over 3,000 customers have turned to Cd Star for their duplications, with a very high level of loyalty.

0% of defective pieces.

The internal management of the entire production process allows you to check every step such as duplication and printing CD DVDs, booklets, packaging, including their finishing, binding, die-cutting, gluing, up to packaging and cellophane wrapping, thus having full control over quality of the product. The experience of the staff, a strict quality control protocol with electronic verification of every single produced support, together with the maniacal search for perfection, guarantee the customer that all the pieces delivered are perfectly compliant with the master.

200,000 pieces per day

Thanks to the very high production capacity that can reach 200 thousand pieces per day, Cd Star can guarantee fast delivery times even in the case of particularly large orders. Tens of millions of pieces produced and placed on the market are a source of pride, as well as the best business card.

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